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Some of your Questions:

Q. Who are you?

Password recovery is the process of identifying a lost, destroyed, or otherwise inaccessible password, allowing for the successful decryption of key files. This can be a crucial service to consider when you have lost important databases, spreadsheets, documents, and other files due to encryption. (this website) provides a professional service that attempts to recover these lost passwords (hashes like MD5, NTLM, Wordpress etc), Wifi WPA handshakes, Microsoft Office encrypted files, encrypted PDF, encrypted Archives (Zip, Rar, 7zip), etc.
We offers experienced password recovery for all types of computer systems. Within hours or days, we can restore missing passwords or decrypt files completely.

/!\ We are NOT a hacking website, we do NOT hack/crack websites, and we assume all submitted hashes are for testing purposes only OR are obtained in a legal way (Pentest, audit, strength checks, etc. for example), and you have permission to recover the plain text before uploading them to our website.

/!\ By using our service/website, you affirm that you are not violating any laws or regulations (including as regards, but not limited to, copyright and privacy issues) that exist in your country and/or jurisdiction.

Q. What kind of password?

Full detailed list here.
If you have other algorithms (Unix, salted, etc) you can contact us directly.
How does the service work? Follow the steps here

Q. How do you do that?

Our distributed system use several mechanisms: pre-calculated tables, GPU computations, huge private and public wordlists, brute-force, hybrid attacks, etc, for password recovery. Benefits:

  • Fast (Min: few seconds / Max: 5 days)
  • An option to speed it up if your are in a hurry
  • Many algorithms supported (more than 90)
  • "On demand" service: contact us with your large hash file / special algorithm / whatever , we may help you.
  • Free or low cost: See our pricing policy
  • Direct email support, with real humans!
Moreover, weak passwords are easy to recover. You can check how secure is your password and how fast it could be recovered.

Q. Can you guarantee to recover my password?

No, a strong password having numbers, special characters and/or long length might not be recovered.
Fortunately we recover a large majority of passwords.

The main factors that influence password recovery include:

  • Password Length
  • Charset that could have been used
  • Encryption or hashing Type
  • Location of Encrypted Files

Q. Is it free?

It depends on the password complexity: all you need to know is here: pricing policy.

Q. What does "Not found" and "In progress" mean?

Three states are possible:
Status Description
"Found" Great! We successfully recover your password :) We sent you an email, please check your inbox or spam folder.
"Not found" We cannot recover it with the information we have and/or you gave us. The password seems to be complex. You can choose another attack (wordlist or bruteforce) to go further and try more candidates.
"In Progress" We are currently working on the task. At this state nobody on earth knows if the attempt will be successful or not: no need to contact us, just wait you'll receive an email if recovered.

Q. How can I pay if I need to?

If you need to pay for a hash (MD5, NTLM, SHA1, ..):

  • Click on "Buy now" button
  • Choose the service that suits you best among the list
  • You are securely redirected to the choosen partner website: we don't handle payments as this is not our job, we rely and trust on our partners
  • Our partner inform us about your payment, then your password is immediately displayed to you, no human action required!

If you need to pay for a specific Wordlist/Bruteforce option:

  • In your dashboard, click the "Select wordlist/Bruteforce" button on the line where you want to run the specific wordlist against
  • Choose the wordlist or bruteforce option that suits you best, see details of our wordlists here
  • Choose the payment service that suits you best among the list
  • You are securely redirected to the choosen partner website: we don't handle payments as this is not our job, we rely and trust on our partners
  • Our partner inform us about your payment, then the new wordlist/bruteforce option is taken into account immediately, no human action required!

Q. Are you guys a scam?!

Instead of a long speech, take a few seconds to consider the evidences that we are not a scam:
- Several customers testimonials
- You can test our services for free!

Q. Who would use your services?

- People who has forgotten their password (e.g: Windows or OSX account passwords)
- People who want to test if their password is strong or weak
- IT security experts: penetration testers, auditors, consultants, investigators, researchers, forensics, etc having a legal contract / the owner's consent.

Q. Guarantee

We double check each password before sending you an email, thus we are 100% confident that the password is correct.
However, for any reason, if you are not satisfied with the service, contact us and we will check again with you.

Q. How long will an attempt take?

Min: few seconds / Max: 5 days.

You are in a hurry? [For Hashes only]
You can speed up the recovery process of your task. Click on the 'clock' icon and follow the instructions.
We then put your task at the highest priority level of our tasklist. Your recovery task will be immediately on the top priority.

How does the service work? Follow the steps here.

Q. Why choose you?

We have the experience and resources required to recover your lost passwords.
Here are several customers testimonials.

Q. How do I retrieve/extract a hash?

Depending of your system, please read our "how to" tutorials on the menu.

Q. How will I know when you recover it?

As soon as your password is recovered, we send you an email with the link to get the password.
You just have to wait while we work for you ;-)

Q. What does "HEX[xxxxxx]" mean?

It's the hexadecimal encoded representation of your password. Why? Because your password contains non-ascii and/or non-printable character, that's why we surrounded it by "HEX[]".
Copy the hexadecimal string into a hexa-to-ascii converter (google can help you). Or look at this table
Such unicode characters can be written with a keyboard with this manipulation.

Q. Refund policy

We double-check each password to ensure it's the good one and there is not any error. However if you have any problem with your order contact us, we can obviously check again to solve the problem or, in some cases, refund you within three business days. We provide 100% money back guarantee if the password we have given you and for which you have paid is incorrect. Please don't forget first to read the guide to check our result.
To initiate a refund, please use the contact page, describing all the details of your issue.
We do not refund if: user issue has been resolved by us; or if you purchased a Priority demand or a custom wordlist/bruteforce (because we spent time and resources to run your task); or if you violated our Terms and Conditions.

Q. Confidentiality

You can delete your own tasks and information by yourself, directly from your dashboard by clicking on the black cross.
Moreover, your data (email, task) are automatically deleted after 1 year (task date added + 1 year).

Q. Email activation

Email verification is required to avoid spam. An email with an activation link will be sent to the provided email, just click on that link and your account will be activated.

Q. Any useful API there?

Still in beta mode, you can use our API to send your WPA capture dump(s) MS Office documents, PDF, Archives and iTunes.
Integrated in wlancap2wpasec tool for WPA.

Q. Bug Bounty

Bug bounty program: individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting us important vulnerabilities that can put our data, users or databases at risk (e.g: SQLi, RCE, LFI, etc.) which are exploitable. Contact us if you think you have found a security issue.

Q. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy can be found here.

Q. Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions can be found here.