Mastering hcxdumptool: A Comprehensive Guide for Enhancing WiFi Security


hcxdumptool is a powerful tool designed for capturing packets from WLAN devices to uncover vulnerabilities in WiFi networks. In this guide, we'll explore its features, installation process, and best practices for utilizing this tool effectively.

Understanding hcxdumptool

hcxdumptool is a small, yet potent tool for discovering potential weak points within your WiFi networks by running layer 2 attacks against the WPA protocol.

What doesn't hcxdumptool do:

  • it does not crack WPA PSK related hashes (use hashat or JtR to recover the PSK)
  • it does not crack WEP (use aircrack-ng instead)
  • it does not crack WPS (use reaver or bully instead)
  • it does not decrypt encrypted traffic (use tshark or Wireshark in parallel)
  • it does not record entire traffic (use tshark or Wireshark in parallel)
  • it does not perform Evil Twin attacks
  • it is not a honey pot
Unsupported: Windows OS, macOS, Android, emulators or wrappers!

Installation and Setup

Installing hcxdumptool involves cloning the repository from GitHub, compiling, and installing it on your Linux system. It's also compatible with Android devices through the Android NDK. The process requires basic knowledge of Linux and understanding of radio technology and electromagnetic-wave engineering.
Clone, Compile & install:
git clone && cd hcxdumptool
make && make install (as super user)

Using hcxdumptool

Once installed, hcxdumptool can be used to perform various tests against WPA PSK to check the vulnerability of Access Points or Clients. The tool's workflow includes capturing everything depending on the options set and then converting, filtering, and analyzing the captured data using additional tools like hashcat or JtR.
Help: hcxpcapngtool -h
Usage Example: ./hcxpcapngtool *.pcap* --prefix=output

Safety and Legal Considerations

When using hcxdumptool, ethical usage and legal considerations are paramount. It's a powerful tool that should only be used in controlled environments and with permission on the networks you are testing.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

To maximize the effectiveness of hcxdumptool, selecting the right antennas for signal amplification is crucial. Additionally, integrating GPS devices can enhance the tool's capabilities, providing more comprehensive data for analysis. More information at

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