Entrusting AI: 4 Daily Life Hustles AI is Perfectly Capable of Doing

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Mundane tasks take a considerable amount of time in our daily lives. As frustrating as they are, such redundant tasks are usually important. For example, windows and floors need to be cleaned now and then, right? Or buying groceries can be hectic for someone doing two jobs.
That said, AI is revolutionizing the way we operate in our daily lives. Be it humongous factories or even the tiniest things, AI has left its mark on everything. So, if you’re thinking AI-powered tools, apps, or machines cannot share our soaring responsibilities, think twice. In this article, we’re going to introduce some creative AI hacks that you can use to make your daily lives easier.
However, there’s one thing to be mindful of. Most AI-powered tools need a connection providing top-speed internet with enough bandwidth to support multiple devices at once. Otherwise, instead of making your lives easier, the following tools may become a nuisance themselves. Works seamlessly for up to 5 devices at a time, Xfinity is the ISP you should be looking at. Besides its great bandwidth, Xfinity offers a diverse range of plans and packages, tailored to your needs. You can check out these plans and packages or connect to Spanish customer support via Xfinity servicio al cliente.

Home Robotics

Besides finding hundreds of applications at an industrial scale, bots can sneak into our homes too.
If luck’s on your side, you may finish house chores on time. But, ask the one keeping your house in order, how much time do such tasks take? One after another, they keep on popping, like there’s no end to them.
However, AI-backed home robotics are available to share your burden. You may not find a multi-talented bot to take over all your responsibilities. But, bots that help in mowing lawns, cleaning windows and floors, or in laundry are available at reasonable prices in the market. Connected over a WiFi or Bluetooth, these robots are perfectly capable of following instructions that you feed them. Once done, as per your guidelines, these bots will get the work done and may let you know too via sending a notification.

AI Virtual Assistants

AI-powered virtual assistants have truly made our homes smart. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more are available to help manage our homes efficiently. In smart homes, most devices are connected via virtual assistant. Using our voice, we can turn the lights on/off, assign reminder alerts, and do much more with them. With these assistants by your side, there’s no need to worry about tedious tasks such as groceries anymore. Just prepare a list you want to buy, read it aloud, ask your assistant to order them via an online e-commerce store, and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Moving on, AI sensors are also helpful to keep our homes safe. Fire and smoke sensors and doorbell cameras are quite helpful in knowing what’s going around when we’re not around our house.

AI Apps and Tools

Besides ChatGPT, there are tons of AI tools and applications available that we may not know of. Starting off with tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard, they’re no less than a blessing for students. It may not be wise to get your work done using them. However, for brainstorming ideas, essay outlines, and more, nothing’s better than these generative AI tools. Moving on, keeping a check on employees is surely a necessary but burdensome task for employees. Instead of manually keeping an eye on everyone’s progress, project management tools such as Asana or Microsoft Project can really make your work a lot easier. With a lot of autogenerated fields, users have to put a minimum effort into tasks such as writing drafts, organizing and assigning tasks, creating workflows, and more. A lot of times, we lose our motivation when building a productive habit. Most times, it’s because we don’t keep a check on ourselves. Catering to our worry, AI-backed tools like Todoist, Any.Do and more are available online. With them, staying organized is no big deal. We can assign them important to-dos and use them as reminders. Also, if we’re forgetting something important in our daily lives, such apps can notify us way before the deadline.

Wellness and Health

Owing to our hectic routines, finding time for ourselves is often a difficult task. However, a long period of negligence may develop any illness or disease stealthily. Saving us from this trouble are AI gadgets such as smartwatches or smart rings that display our health condition in real time. Using in-built AI sensors, these gadgets are powerful enough to monitor our physical and mental activity. Data retrieved after monitoring is processed and shown in an easy and comprehensible form. Not only that, such gadgets also suggest the improvement areas that we should focus on.

Bottom Line

As AI is advancing by the day, its positive effects are evident in our daily lives. Just by sharing our responsibilities with AI, we can get so much done in no time. Not only does AI help increase our productivity, but also assists us in getting rid of mundane tasks too.

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