- API

	curl -X POST -F "" -F "file=@/path/to/your/file"

/path/to/your/file can be one of (max size: 200 Mb):
	- A WPA capture *.cap or *.pcap or *.pcapng (or *.hccapx, but NOT recommended!). Process & Extract all networks (ESSID), and choose the best PMKID or EAPOL
	- MS Office documents: encrypted Word, Excel or Powerpoint, version 97 to 2019.
	- iTunes Backup: encrypted Apple iTunes Backup Manifest.plist
	- Archives: encrypted ZIP / RAR / 7-zip archives
	- PDF: encrypted / password-protected .PDF files

(optional) WPA specific:
	wlancap2wpasec is a tool to upload multiple WPA capture and is part of

	wlancap2wpasec -u  -e wifidump.cap

Email is needed to get the result.

Totally free of charge.