Enhancement Poll

On OnlineHashCrack.com we crack your LM, NTLM, MD5, MD4, SHA1 and MYSQL hashes and WPA captures.

Which algorithm would you like to see added to the website ?
MD5 from FreeBSD
MD5 with salt
Forums/CMS (Wordpress, phpBB, Joomla, vBulletin, MyBB, IPB,...)
MD5 from Unix
Double or Triple MD5
SHA-1 with salt
MSSQL (Microsoft)
MD5 from Apache
Domain Cached Credentials
Nothing else, keep your efforts on existing (LM/NT/MD5/MD4/SHA1/MYSQL/OSX/WPA)
Other (please leave a comment below)
MD5 from Cisco-PIX
.htpasswd file
Office 97-2003 protected documents (word, excel, ...)

With which service would you pay ?
Mobile (SMS / text)
Other (please leave a comment below)
MoneyPak prepaid cards
Webmoney (wmtransfer.com)
Prepaid cards (Ukash, etc)
Litecoin, Peercoin... or other cryptocurrencies
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Would you like to have more "how to" tutorials here ? If yes, which ones?
Yes ! (please comment below which subject you wanna read)
No I don't care !
No, I do not read them.

Would you be interested in buying our dictionaries ?
Yes, depends on the price !