Password/Hashes Crack

Send us your hashes. We support MD5, NTLM, LM, MYSQL, SHA1 and OSX.

For other algorithm (Joomla, Wordpress, VBulletin, Unix, Salted, etc) : contact us! Want to know what's next ?

What's Next?


You send your hashesthrough our form


We immediately
try to crack them.It can take from few seconds to maximum 4 days


If your hash is recoveredwe instantly notify you via email

We use advanced computing techniques (huge wordlists, bruteforce, ...) to recover your hashes.
If cracked, we notice you via the given email. If not, we don't send any email.

Pricing ?
Password length lower than 8 characters are FREE. Example : the password "test12!" (length = 7) will be FREE. For other passwords, it costs 3€.
Why ?
We use a lot of servers and they have a significant cost in terms of time and money.
This revenue goes towards keeping this website & services online.
More information on our pricing policy.