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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you ? provides a professional service that attempts to recover your passwords.
We are NOT a hacking site and we assume all submitted hashes are for testing purposes only, and obtained in a legal way (pentest for example).

What kind of password ?

We attempt to recover :

  • Windows login password (LM, NTLM)
  • Mac OS X login password
  • MD4 hash
  • MD5 hash
  • SHA1 hash
  • MySQL hash (all versions)
  • WiFi WPA / WPA2 RSNA PSK handshakes.

    • Of course, if you have another algorithm (Joomla, Wordpress, MD5 unix, etc) you can contact us directly.
      You can also answer the poll if you want to influence the choice of the supported next algorithm.

      How do you do that ?

      Our distributed cracking system use several mechanisms : pre-calculated tables, GPU computations, huge wordlists, brute-force, etc.
      We provide a free usage of our system to reverse your hash for password recovering. This online hash search is limited (free of use), but we also provide a low-cost service : we personally crack your hash.
      Benefits :

      • Full charset (see our charsets)
      • Fast (Min : few minutes / Max : 3 days)
      • Many algorithms supported (more than 20)
      • "On demand" service : contact us with your large hash file / special algorithm / whatever , we may help you.
      • Low cost : 4.99 with Paypal or Bitcoins (BTC)

      Can you guarantee to recover my password ?

      No, a strong password having numbers, special letters and long length might not be recovered.
      Fortunately we recover a large majority of passwords, and you only pay when the password is cracked.

      Is it free ?

      - We provide a free usage of our system to reverse your hash here.
      - We also provide a low-cost service (VIP) here for hashes and here for WIFI WPA.

      We use a lot of servers and they have a significant cost in terms of time and money. There is a continuous expense in electricity, hosting and hardware maintenance. This revenue goes towards keeping this website & services online.

      Who would use your services ?

      - People who has forgotten their password (e.g: Windows or OSX account passwords)
      - IT security experts, penetration testers, etc.
      - IT security enthusiasts.


      We double check each password before sending you an email, thus we are 100% confident that the password is correct.
      However, for any reason, if you are not satisfied with the service, contact us and we will re-check with you.

      How long will a crack take ?

      Min : few minutes / Max : 3 days

      Why choose you ?

      We have the experience and resources required to recover your hashes.
      Here are several customers testimonials.

      How do I retrieve/extract a hash ?

      Depending of your system, please read our "how to" tutorials on the right side menu.

      How will I know when you recover it ?

      As soon as your password is recovered, we send you an email with a personal link to get the password.


      We delete uploaded WPA capture files once the crack (successful or not) is finished. We do not keep any log or any file related to your WPA upload.
      For hashes (LM, NTLM, MD5,...) we just keep the hash, the password, and your email (in order to notice you chen the crack is done).
      You can delete these information from our databases : contact us.